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CNN: Giuliani ‘not confident’ war will turn around

Former New York mayor and 2008 presidential contender Rudolph Giuliani said Wednesday he is not sure the tide will turn in the war in Iraq, as President Bush has said.

“I’m not confident it’s all going to turn around,” Giuliani told CNN’s “Larry King Live.” “Who knows that? I mean, you never know that in the middle of the war.

“I’m confident that we have to try to make a turnaround, and we just can’t walk out, and that it is critical to us that things get to the point in Iraq that we have some degree of stability and not the way they are now,” Giuliani continued. “Because if we leave it the way it is now and we run out, then we’re going to face further difficulties in the future.”

Giuliani in the above interview by Larry King is supporting yet distancing himself from the unpopular conduct of the Iraq War. However, a couple of points:

!. America was justified in removing Saddam Hussein from power

2. It would be a disaster for the United States to precipitiously withdraw from Iraq.

3. Non-Binding Congressional resolutions are worthless

4. Giuliani has refused to assign blame for the mistakes of the conduct of the Iraq War.

So, is Rudy bashing Bush?

No and Flap does not agree with Captain Ed that he is.

Hizzoner is laying out a tough, firm policy of how he would conduct war operations when he is elected President and have to face a similar circumstance.

Stay tuned……..



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