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The Hill: Evangelical leader sizes up GOP field, says Giuliani’s campaign is doomed

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said Wednesday night he is making a bid for the White House, will not be America’s 44th president because he supports abortion rights and gay rights and has been married three times.

At least so says Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

Land told The Hill in an interview this week that as it stands now, the top tier of Republican presidential hopefuls lacks a candidate social conservatives can be fully comfortable voting for.


And how many “LOCKSTEP” GOP voters can Dr. Land guarantee for any ONE paricular primary candidate?

Some – but mainly in small delegate southern states.

And how much money can Land promise for media campaigns in California, New York and Florida?

Not much…….


James Dobson of Focus on the Family on John McCain: “I pray that we don’t get stuck with him”

At this time, Flap says Dr. Land and James Dobson have become IRRELEVANT to the GOP presidential selection process.

Beginning with Giuliani, Land said “the vast majority” of social conservative voters will not vote for the former mayor even if he gets the nomination and faces off against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).

“If he wins, he’ll do so without social conservatives,” Land said.

Hugh Hewitt says Dr. Land is WRONG.

Flap reiterates: Dr. Land is becoming IRRELEVANT with little or NO influence in the GOP.

So, where will they go, if not to Giuliani?

John McCain?

Very doubtful after what James Dobson said in January that he could not support him under any circumstances.

Mitt Romney?

A Mormon – an anathema to fundamentalist Christian Evangelicals?

No Way

In the meantime, the Mayor will be a featured speaker at a school founded by the Rev. Pat Robertson, officials said yesterday.

The appearance in April comes at a time when Giuliani is trying to build bridges to conservatives who dominate GOP primaries and who are wary of his pro-choice, pro-gay-rights stands.

The former mayor, who tops most GOP primary polls along with Arizona Sen. John McCain, will speak at Regent University’s executive-leadership series on April 17, school officials said.

Robertson, the fundamentalist televangelist who once ran for president himself, is chancellor of the school in Virginia Beach, Va., and “extended the invitation personally” to Giuliani.

He’ll likely introduce the former mayor at the lecture, a school spokeswoman said.

California-based Republican strategist Dan Schnur said it was a plus for Giuliani.

“It shows that social conservatives are at least willing to listen to him,” Schnur said.

Flap’s best bet is that the Evangelicals will turn the other cheek and accept the “sinner” yet MAINSTREAM Giuliani when faced with a prospect of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Stay tuned……



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