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Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani speaks during a campaign rally with first responders at the North Spartanburg Fire Department Wednesday.

New York Times: Stepping to the Plate, Giuliani Is Seeing Only Softballs

In a swing through South Carolina this week, Rudolph W. Giuliani chose to campaign at a fire house, which is a little like Derek Jeter meeting with Yankees fans — a most unlikely forum for hostility, or even much skepticism.

Instead of the sometimes barbed give-and-take endured by the other candidates, Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, fielded a few questions from the firefighters and police officers who gathered to hear him here. The questions, which began with comments like, “Being in your presence here is just unbelievable,” stuck almost entirely to issues on which Mr. Giuliani is most comfortable, like airport security and border control.

So, now New York Times reporter RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA and the editors of the New York Times wish to direct the Mayor in campaign strategy and tell him how to stump for votes.

After all, Hizzoner is only leading in just about every major national poll – but he is only getting softball questions and events?

Oh Please…….

This is Not true and the New York Times knows it. Flap does know because he was in the same room as Perez-Penna a few weeks ago when the questions were asked of the Mayor.
Remember when Perez-Pena crticized Rudy over his campaign song by The Clash?

Flap wonders if he was in Florida today when Rudy campaigned. Let’s look at some of the quotes of the Floridians who greeted Giuliani:

Giuliani briefly chatted with people at the Lox Around The Clock restaurant but did not share his views on issues. Still, some people said he was the best candidate.

“I am a Democrat but I’d vote for him,” said Maxwell Lizza III, a postman who had just finish his shift delivering mail.

Some snowbirds from the Northeast eating a 5 p.m. dinner praised Giuliani for reducing crime in New York and cleaning up the once-neglected Times Square.

“He is one of the greatest mayors ever,” said Susan Grogins, having soup with her husband, Mike, a Democrat.

“I told him he had my vote and my family’s, including my husband’s,” she said.

Sorry New York Times, we all know you wish to sabotage the Giuliani campaign – but it ain’t working.

But, you will try, won’t you?

And what did you write about Barack Obama when he refused to debate Hillary and the other Democrats in Nevada yesterday?

How do you spell BIAS?


Republican presidential hopeful, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, center, autographs books after holding a campaign rally with first responders at the North Spartanburg Fire Department Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2007, in Spartanburg, S.C.


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