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Newsweek: Rudy’s Rise

‘America’s mayor’ has pulled ahead of the other GOP candidates in the early stages of the White House race, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll.

Maybe it is Giuliani time, after all. Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has pulled far ahead of Arizona Sen. John McCain in a hypothetical head-to-head GOP presidential primary matchup, according to the latest NEWSWEEK Poll—beating McCain 59 percent to 34 percent. Giuliani’s lead over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is even more formidable (70 percent to 20 percent).

Flap will summarize the poll:

Giuliani 59%

McCain 34 %


Giuliani 70 %

Romney 20 %


Is this GOP race over?

Flap supposes that the donors will be asking the hard question:

Is my money going to be WASTED donating to McCain and Romney?

Right now the answer is YES.

Let’s look at the head to head race with Hillary:


Rudy has now pulled ahead of all Democrat contenders including Hillary.

Note Well: Rudy leads Hillary in independent voters by 7 percentage points.

Are American voters making an early decision?


Flap wants to see an electoral map poll. I bet it is not even close.

Stay tuned…..



The Rudy Giuliani Files

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