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Iran Watch: Iran-UK Hostages Reunited with Family


Leading Seaman Faye Turney shares a joke at Heathrow

Hostages reunited with family after 14-day ordeal

After 13 days of fear and worry, the 15 British sailors and marines held captive in Iran were finally reunited with their families today.

The 14 men and one woman arrived by Sea King helicopter at Royal Marines Base Chivenor, near Barnstaple, north Devon, shortly before 2.30pm.

They filed out onto the grass in front of the officer’s mess in brilliant sunshine to be greeted by naval officials.

As they gathered on the concrete terrace, the faces of family and friends were pressed against windows before they were allowed to greet them. Hugs were exchanged.

The sailors and marines had earlier touched down at Heathrow airport after a seven hour flight from Iran. The aircraft landed shortly after midday in brilliant sunshine and taxied to the VIP section of the runway.

Passengers on the flight from Tehran said a round of applause was heard from Business Class when the plane touched down.

Prime Minister Tony Blair today said he had ‘rejoiced’ at the return of the service personnel and that there have been new and interesting lines of communication opened with Iran. He added the international community must remain steadfast in dealings with Iran.

Mr Blair says people have not been taken in by the “theatre” in Iran and there are no “agreements” between Iranian elements held in Iraq and released crew. He said Britain managed to secure release of crew without any deal or negotiations.

Oh really!

No deal huh……..

Here is a timeline of the two weeks British humiliation:


Then, why did Ahamdinejad and the Mullahs release your hostages, Mr. Blair?

Was it this?


USS Nimitz CVN 68

The USS Nimitz and its carrier strike group had been ordered by President Bush to the Persian Gulf to supplement the USS Dwight David Eisenhower and USS John C. Stennis who are already in theater.

Flap figures that the Mullahs decided they had milked this story and humiliated the Brits enough to the Arab Street so why not get out “quick and dirty” without any reprisals. How humiliating to the British Empire to be given an Easter gift from the Iranian Mullahs – a return of their own captured sailors/marines.

Flap had mentioned a number of weeks ago to watch for a provocation by either Iran or the West over the Iranian nuclear program. Obviously, the West did not bite.

The question is why?


Video grab shows Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking to Britons who had been detained in Iran at a ceremony to mark their release, April 4, 2007.

So, what comes next?

Another provocation? Against an American ship?


Iran has probed the Brits and found them WEAK. Will they test the Great Satan and the Great Cowboy Bush?

Probably and then let the war begin………


Freed British sailors wait at the republic pavillion of Mehrabad airport on 05 April 2007.

Stay tuned…….



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  1. that picture pretty much says everything the iranians feel in this situation i guess…no pokerface whatsoever huh? least it happened to the brits but im still pretty red cheeked about it…completely spineless from the no shots fired beginning to end. i guess you would have more to fear from them, being american, but you can’t let that leave the water…i dunno i’m not trying to get my head sawed off in iranian prison. iranians got balls man…just hope we get to buisness in iraq soon, it’s got to get better. time is running out….

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