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Real Clear Politics: Giuliani Needs to Limit Unforced Errors

Here is another of many YouTube videos that will bedevil the Giuliani campaign.

This clip in and of itself isn’t devastating for Giuliani, because if you actually listen to what he says there is a lot of wiggle room there for clarification. But it does speak to a certain lack of self-discipline on a hot-button issue (abortion) for him in the Republican primary battle.

Part of Rudy’s appeal is the direct and in many ways unpolitician-like way he answers questions, but that candor can be a double-edged sword, and the last two weeks have shown that Giuliani is going to have to step us his game as a national candidate and bring more focus and discipline to the campaign trail.

What John McIntyre and other conservatives have to acknowledge is that Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice. They will have to NOT agree with him on the issue.

If he tries to finesse the issue, Giuliani will look like Mitt Romney, a flip-flopper.

Hizzoner has said he will not have a pro-choice or any type of abortion litmus tests in the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. Any new appointments to the court may entertain the reversal of Roe v. Wade. But, any new Justice may NOT vote this way or construe a case differently than the current holding/law.

There is NO Presidential candidate who can promise the outlawing of abortion. Even if a new justice votes to overturn Roe v. Wade and that is the majority opinion, the whole question of abortion would then be left to the states and the state’s legislatures.

So, you will have women travelling to other states to have abortions, if their home state outlaws or burdensomely restricts abortion?

And this is good, how?

So, what does McIntyre mean when he says:

As long as it was Giuliani vs. McCain at the top of the GOP field, Rudy was going to have a significant edge. But with Romney’s $20 million in fundraising making it clear he intends on being a player and with Fred Thompson floating in the background and polling in double figures (while unannounced), Rudy would be wise to limit the number of his unforced errors.

Flap’s response to McIntyre is: What unforced errors? Rudy is speaking from his heart and consistent opinions on issues he has held throughout the years.

If voters reject his candidacy based on one issue, then so be it.

Here is a video of a weak attempt by Hizzoner to finesse the abortion question:

The Mayor knows that you cannot please every voter but hopefully win a majority.

Some conservatives may have to learn this the hard way.


Sounds like to Flap there may be some coordination among Romney supporters about “UNFORCED ERRORS.” 

Hey Dean, you guys passing around the “TALKING POINTS” against Rudy?


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