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NHS Dentistry Watch: NHS Dentistry Reforms Are Failing


January sales or a queue for an NHS dentist?

Reforms to NHS dentistry are failing, the British Dental Association said yesterday as thousands of would-be patients besieged a practice near Portsmouth offering NHS care.

In scenes more typical of the January sales, patients arrived at first light at a new practice in Titchfield Common, Hampshire. Before the doors had opened, 2,000 people had registered online and over the phone. Hundreds more arrived in an attempt to grab the 1,000 remaining places. By the time the surgery opened at 10am, the queue stretched around the block.

Manori Ambrose, who set up the surgery, said: “There are a lot of people who need a dentist who are not even on the waiting list.”

The British Dental Association (BDA) wrote to Barry Cockroft, the Chief Dental Officer of England, yesterday and called for changes to the dental contract, which has been in force for a year.

Flap wants to know why the British people are putting up with a government that fails to solve their problems?

The Labour government of Tony Blair’s solution: queues or self-treatment?

A better solution is easy – private dentistry with minimal government involvement.

The Brits have been humiliated by Iran, now by a government run (socialized) bureaucracy?

Hat Tip for this piece to NHS Blog Doctor who is fighting the UK NHS System first hand.

Dr. John Crippen’s piece on UK dentistry is here.

William Kelly, 43, extracted part of his own tooth, leaving a black stump. He plans to pull one more.


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