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United Kingdom Watch: No More WAR ON TERROR

Labour’s International Development Secretary Hilary Benn

British minister dumps ‘War on Terror’ in New York speech

The Development Secretary, Hilary Benn, will cast his lot with critics of the Bush Administration tonight when he questions the validity of the phrase “War on Terror” during a speech in New York tonight.

His address will place the Government firmly on the side of the Democrats in what is presently a fraught debate in Washington over the use of the expression, which was coined by the Bush Administration in the days after the September 11 attacks and taken up by Tony Blair as Britain joined the wars that followed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Benn will argue that the term — which takes the form of “the global war on terror” or “GWOT” in US policy documents — gives an unwarranted legitimacy to the struggles of small fringe groups which really do not have much in common.

He will also say that war is only part of the solution to combating terrorism and Britain and America should do more to use the “soft power” of values, ideas and reform to bring about lasting change in the failed and angry states where terrorist groups prosper.

Watch the video above and you will see the direction of the UK’s Labour Party – LEFT and FECKLESS.

What does Minister Mr. Bean, mean by “unwarranted legitiamcy to the struggles of small fringe groups?” So, Global Jihad Terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda are small “FRINGE” groups?

Does Minister Bean Benn have his head up his ASS?

Just a reminder:


The Quotes:

“In the UK, we do not use the phrase ‘War on Terror’ because we can’t win by military means alone, and because this isn’t us against one organised enemy with a clear identity and a coherent set of objectives,”

“It is the vast majority of the people in the world — of all nationalities and faiths — against a small number of loose, shifting and disparate groups who have relatively little in common apart from their identification with others who share their distorted view of the world and their idea of being part of something bigger.”

“What these groups want is to force their individual and narrow values on others without dialogue, without debate, through violence. And by letting them feel part of something bigger, we give them strength.”

Flap thinks what Mr. Bean means is surrender. His quotes are misguided and reckless.

Mr Benn’s speech, which will be given at New York University’s Center on International Co-operation, is also considered an attempt to increase his standing among Labour MPs, whose support he is seeking in his bid to become the party’s deputy leader. Putting some daylight between Britain and the Bush Administration’s foreign policy is thought be a key priority after Mr Blair steps down this summer.

Again, LEFTY Kumbaya politics trumps what is RIGHT.

Good luck Britain after Tony Blair leaves office. You will be with the rest of FECKLESS Europe.

Flap thinks you will need it.



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