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Iran Watch: A Laugh Now for Iran-UK Hostage Mr. Bean


Torture? It’s all a laugh now for Mr Bean …

Remember the grand time the Iran-UK hostages had in Tehran?

Well, the humiliation of the Brits continues…….

Iran hostage Arthur Batchelor’s admission that he cried himself to sleep after his captors likened him to Mr Bean and stole his iPod was scorned as a national embarrassment.

Yet just days after a barrage of criticism for selling his story, the 20-year-old reveals just how little he has learned from the whole debacle.

This picture shows the Operator Mechanic staging a tasteless re-enactment of his 13 days in captivity as he celebrates his home-coming in a Plymouth nightclub. He laughs as he pretends to be held at gunpoint, his ordeal – and his fellow servicemen’s vitriolic response to his behaviour – seemingly a long way from his mind.




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