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Michael Ramirez on Alec Baldwin Part Two


Fox News: Alec Baldwin Apologizes on ‘The View,’ Asks Dr. Phil for Help

Alec Baldwin, appearing on “The View” Friday in a taped appearance, apologized to his 11-year-old daughter for calling her “a rude, thoughtless little pig.”

Baldwin said, “calling your child a pig, or anything else, is improper and inappropriate, and I apologize to my daughter for that.”

He said everyone who knows him knows he has “a great relationship” with his daughter, Ireland.

Baldwin knows “the guy that’s responsible” for leaking the tape, but he didn’t disclose a name.

The actor previously blamed his former wife, actress Kim Basinger, for the leak, which she denied.

Meanwhile, Baldwin went to TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw for family advice after his comments were made public last week, the therapist revealed Thursday.

Flap hopes you get the help you need……..


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