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Iran Nuclear Watch: Olmert – 10 Day Attack Will Set Iran’s Nuclear Program Back Years


An Iranian technician works at the control room of the Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility, February 2007. A rain of missiles could degrade Iran’s nuclear programme and set it back years, a German weekly quoted Israel’s prime minister as saying, sparking a warning from Tehran that such a strike would be a dangerous.

‘A 10-day attack could delay Iran’s nuclear race by years’

“Iran’s nuclear program can be thrown back by years in a ten day attack using thousands of Tomahawk cruise missiles,” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was quoted as saying in an interview published online by the German magazine Focus on Saturday.

Olmert had reportedly said that it would not be possible to completely halt Iran’s race to attain nuclear capability, but that a brisk attack that would delay it significantly was “technically feasible.” While saying that Israel does not seek military confrontation, Olmert added that “nobody excludes it.”

Only a few hours after the publication of the Focus article in Israeli media outlets, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement denying the report.

This statement, although quickly denied, is another shot across Iran’s bow. A quick surgical strike or a more bold takeover of Iran’s oil exporting facilities would cripple Iran’s nuclear program and its economy.

But, will Israel and the United States have the will. Certainly Iran will respond by launching missiles against Israel and United States ships. This is in turn could result in an all out war against Iran – which is coming anyway.


Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert delivers a speech during an event marking the 90th anniversary of the New York Jewish Federation in parliament in Jerusalem April 25, 2007. Iran’s disputed nuclear programme could be severely hit by firing 1,000 cruise missiles in a 10-day attack, Olmert was quoted as saying on Saturday.

According to Focus, Olmert said military measures would be considered only if existing UN sanctions, and “other sanctions” would fail to bring success.

Weighing the consequences of such a scenario, Olmert said that “we must also ask ourselves whether after a military procedure, the Iranian people as a whole would not become our enemy. And would not such an action pit other Muslim nations against us, thus creating even more problems?”

The Arab World is united against Israel. So, what is the Prime Minister talking about?

The main question is: Will Israel and the United States allow Iran to have a nuclear weapons program and a nuclear bomb?


It is time to act.


A ‘Tomahawk’ type cruise missile shortly after being launched. These missiles can typically be launched from submarines.


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