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Illegal Immigration Watch: LAPD to Review immigration Rally Clash

Telemundo TV Crew Caught In MacArthur Park Clash

Los Angeles Times: Bratton oversees LAPD inquiry at critical time

Officers’ use of force after pro-immigrant rallies occurs days before chief is up for reappointment.

Only days before officials will decide if Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton deserves a second term, he found himself Wednesday overseeing another high-profile investigation into allegations of police abuse on his watch — this time, whether officers used excessive force against immigrant rights protesters in MacArthur Park.

Even as organizers of the May Day march called for the chief to be fired and police union officials winced when he said he was “disturbed” by some video scenes, Bratton was impressing others, including one member of the Police Commission, the body that will decide his fate, with quick and decisive action.

As he has done in the past, Bratton moved fast to get in front of the controversy, postponing a planned trip to El Salvador and holding two news conferences in two days to assure the public that the latest videotaped incident would be fully investigated.

In the frank style that made him a favorite of the tabloids when he headed the New York Police Department, Bratton told reporters early Wednesday that he was “disturbed” by videotapes that showed the confrontation and thought that the actions of some officers who used batons and foam bullets to clear the park were “inappropriate.”

He later took a barrage of aggressive and challenging questions at a news conference at City Hall, where he voiced “regret” for the incident.

So, the LAPD cops under the leadership of Chief William Bratton and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa go after the news media covering an immigration rally instead of the illegal aliens themselves.

My My!

But, then, when the immigrant demonstrators get caught up in the fray, the LAPD beats them.


LAPD Chief Bratton speaks at a press conference at Los Angeles City Hall today in response to events that occured during an immigrants rights march that ended at MacArthur Park.

What about the assinine LAPD Special Order 40?

Obviously, the new media was an easier target than illegal immigrants who fragrantly break the law.

Good grief…..couldn’t the cops tell the difference between Mark Coogan in a blue suit and this fella…..?


And check out how an LAPD officer manhandled Fox News channel 11 Reporter Christina Gonzales and her videographer here.

Even the Los Angeles Press Club has sent an open letter to Chief Bratton:


Flap thinks someone’s head will ROLL. And that head belongs to Chief of Police Bill Bratton.

Stay tuned……


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