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Quinnipiac National University Poll

Giuliani leads the Republican field with 27 percent, down from 40 percent, followed by 19 percent for Arizona Sen. John McCain, 14 percent for former Sen. Fred Thompson and 8 percent each for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.


Rudy – 27%

McCain – 19%

Thompson – 14%

Romney – 8%

Gingrich – 8%

The Head to Head NUTS:

Rudy vs Hillary – 49% -40%

Rudy vs. Obama – 44% – 41%

Rudy vs. Al Gore – 48% – 41%

Favorability – Unfavorability NUTS:

Rudy 53% – 24%

McCain 49% – 26%

Hillary 44% – 46%

Obama 46% -18%

For Thompson, 63 percent haven’t heard enough to form an opinion

For Romney, 65 percent haven’t heard enough to form an opinion


Mayor Giuliani is clearly the FRONTRUNNER going into tonight’s Presidential debate at the Reagan Library. Although he has dropped in the polls (lead has decreased precentage-wise) with the emergence of a Fred Thompson candidacy, none of his “announced” competitors have made any gains.

If any analysis of a Thompson candidacy or supposed candidacy has been made it is that he divides or peels away soft conservative voters from the Mayor. However, Thompson is unannounced and has not undergone the intense media scrutiny of the big three. Also, he has a cancer in remission – yet an issue. So, his candidacy albeit reflected in the polls should be viewed with skepticism – as is his impact on the Mayor’s poll numbers.

So, will Rudy run the table and continue to lead the pack? Or does a Thompson candidacy express the dissatisfaction of the GOP with the current field of candidates?

The answer will come with second quarter fundraising.

In the debate tonight look for a “CAT FIGHT” between Romney and McCain as Romney attempts to climb over McCain’s back into second place.

The lesser tier of candidates like Tom Tancredo or Jim Gilmore may attempt an attack on the Mayor – so stay tuned as Flap live blogs the debate from Simi Valley.


The Rudy Giuliani Files

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2 Responses to “Giuliani Notes: Rudy 27% McCain 19% Thompson 14% Romney 8% Gingrich 8% in Latest Quinnipiac Poll”
  1. My questions for the candidates:

    Rudy – How can we trust you if you can’t even be faithful to your wives?

    John – How many times were you hit in the head as a P.O.W.?

    Mitt – You are only 8% in the polls. What are you spending all your campaign cash on?

  2. Flap says:

    Mature questions indeed……..

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