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Joe Arpaio, a sheriff known for rounding up immigrants in desert tents, introduced Mitt Romney on Tuesday at the Arizona Republican headquarters in Phoenix.

Just as Mitt Romney was breaking out in Iowa, another FLIP of position is promoted by the Mittster.

The contradiction can be heard here:

Does Romney EVER stick to a position?

Flap supposes NOT NOT NOT NOT.

Let’s see:

Illegal aliens mowing his lawn

Flip on Abortion

Flip on Gay Marriage

Lied about hunting

Scientology book one of his favorites

Mitt is just a PANDERING………..

McCain has picked up on this:

Maybe I should wait a of couple weeks and see if it changes. Maybe he can get out his small varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his yard.


The audio of McCain letting Mittster have it is here.


Mitt pushes back:

Asked to respond, Romney spokesman Kevin Madden counter-punched on the controversial topic. 

“It seems that certain candidates who brokered this flawed plan are having a very difficult time grappling with or coming to terms with the political fallout that has ensued in a substantive manner,” Madden said.

Romney, Madden stated, “has been very clear that he opposes this immigration agreement.” 

Update #2

Hugh Hewitt is getting into the act:

Now the key question is whether Senator McCain will stay in the party and support its nominee, a question which hasn’t been asked of him (or Tom Tancredo)and which should be, again and again until it gets a straight answer.

And Soren @ Eyeon08 blows back Hewitt.

And all of this FIGHTING BEFORE Labor Day.



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3 Responses to “Mitt Romney Watch: Mitt FLIPS on Illegal Immigration”
  1. Mitt Romney Watch: Mitt FLIPS on Illegal Immigration…

  2. jon doe says:

    the way mitt romney treats the little guy 1/15/04 they got a letter from massachusetts highway dept. that the house they had lived in for 24 years was being taken by eminent domain. they owned the house and had no mortage. they were given 120 days to move. the state said they had to pay $980.00 a month until they moved. 6/14/04 they found a house to buy (fixer upper $310000.00). the state was supose to give them $230000.00. the average house in this local is $375000.00. the mortgage was pre aproved if they got the money from the state. the state kept making excuses why the money was”nt sent. 11/5/04 an article in the cape cod times said the homeowners had all been compensated. they called the cape cod times that day and spoke to connor berry and told him they had not been compensated. he was skeptical so they told him to call the state house. he called them back that day and told them they said the check was in the mail. they did get a check 12/18/04. they are in litigation

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