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Michael Ramirez on Harry Reid’s Surrender on Iraq War Funding


Reuters: Bush signs $100 billion Iraq war funding bill

U.S. President George W. Bush signed a bill on Friday providing $100 billion to pay for the
Iraq war but congressional Democrats who failed to impose a troop withdrawal deadline said their fight was far from over.

Passage of the emergency spending legislation capped a four-month struggle between Bush and a new Democratic-controlled Congress determined to force him to shift course in the unpopular war.

Bush had vetoed an earlier bill that would have required him to begin withdrawing soldiers from Iraq by October 1, and he had vowed to kill any legislation carrying restrictions on troop deployments.

With Democrats lacking the votes to override the president and the war funds running out, a divided Congress passed a compromise measure on Thursday.

Harry Reid WIMPED OUT.

Now, Drudge is reporting that President Bush will be pulling troops out of Iraq next year in any case.

Bush wins…….


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