8 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Watch: Campaign Finance Reform Flip Flop

  1. You should stick to the dental world. You’re obviously not interested in actually reading (or listening to) the actual content of your examples of supposed flip-flopping. If you can quote specific comments (including context) from your examples that are reversals by Romney, I’ll retract my comment. But since you won’t (can’t) I guess you’ll just have to go one pretending to have any understanding of political issues. Here’s a hint: you first have to understand things like McCain-Feingold and the immigration bill before you can comment on anyone’s position on them at any given time. If you don’t, you’re relegated to standing by the party line rather than your own independent thought. We don’t need anymore political drones. Dentist drones, maybe.

  2. Read my comments policy and stick to the issues.

    I am surprised a Mormon Romney-bot like yourself is so obnoxious.

    By the way, if you followed the links in the piece you would see CLEARLY the evidence in calling Mitt Romney a Flipper.

    This is the conventional wisdom, no?

  3. Ah, so the truth comes out. You’re not a politically minded thinker, your just an anti-Mormon, so you’re against Romney on religious (or anti-religious) grounds. Your comment policy says all anyone needs to know about who you are.

    My comment is right on the issue: you have no substantive evidence for calling Romney a flip-flopper. I read the articles, watched the videos, I’ve seen them all before. There’s no real substance or truth to any of it when you actually investigate the claims yourself. These people just try to make it sound like Romney flip-flopped, when in reality there is no flip-flopping. Have you even read McCain-Feingold and compared what is in it to what Romney’s positions have been? Obviously not. You’re just more than happy to be fed by any hand that serves your uneducated purposes. No thought required.

    I look forward to being censored, or maybe even banned.

  4. Let’s see.

    You call me anti-Mormon which isn’t true. But, you are a Mormon who blindly supports Mitt Romney Hummmmmmmm.

    You ask to be censored and banned from this site after you give weak arguments that conventional wisdom holds that Romney is a flip-flopper.

    I see no reason yet to ban you.

    Just keep to the argument of the issues and you will do fine.

    One last ad hominem rebuttal to you: I am highly educated (bachelors degree and doctorate) and have been elected and/or to public office at least five times. Some partisan, some non-partisan offices.

    Did you graduate from college?

  5. Blindly, eh? And you base that on what? A prejudice about Mormons, perhaps? That just because Romney is Mormon, all Mormons are going to automatically jump on the bandwagon? Because, of course, Mormons couldn’t possibly think for themselves, right? I wonder what Harry Reid would have to say about that.

    I don’t doubt that you’ve been through schooling. That has nothing to do with how educated you are pertaining to Romney and the issues. You call me a blind follower, but its obvious that you are the one who is blindly following the liberal/Democrat (and some conservative) pied pipers who are trying to marginalize Romney as a flip-flopper, with vague references and no substance. Again, if you can actually point to specific statements, in context, that show Romney reversing positions on any issue, I’ll retract. You can’t, however, so you have to rely on the appearance of flip-flopping and on the hope that the public will just accept the insinuation without any primary research. There’s a reason why that “Romney is a flip-flopper” drum beat is fading: the increasingly informed masses aren’t following.

    You call my argument weak, but in three opportunities (the initial post, and two subsequent comments) you have failed to do something as fundamental as support your own argument with more than just links to insubstantial and logically, factually flawed arguments made by yourself and other anti-Romney commentators.

    You are the one making the accusations, so the burden is on you to make an informed argument. Otherwise you’re just another political drone.

    Finally, if you’re trying to impress me with your “qualifications,” you’ll have to do better. I don’t impress easily. And yes, I have a college degree (that means I graduated from college).

  6. I recommend you view the videos.

    They speak for themselves.

    It seems Mitt changes his positions: is it in even numbered or odd numbered years?

    With Fred Thompson entering the race, Mitt may do well in Iowa and Michigan (because of his father)and that is it. Mitt might finish third in New Hampshire.

    So, unfortunately we probably won’t see the Dolphin television commercial anytime soon.

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