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Mitt Romney Watch: Iowa – Too Early to Look Too Good?


Mitt Romney spoke with Odessa Pham and Ted Enabnit at a caucus coffee event this month in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Flap has to agree with Chuck Todd, throwing money around in Iowa will chase Rudy and possibly McCain out of the Ames Straw Poll.

Doesn’t a story like this one in today’s Boston Globe mean that Romney HAS to win the Ames straw poll? In fact, if Romney starts tossing around huge money for this thing, won’t that also guarantee that Giuliani (and even other top tier candidates) decide to pass on the straw poll?

Rudy would be better to save his resources for Florida and California. California has five times the number of delegates as Iowa.

McCain is doing better in South Carolina than Iowa. Might he feint a contest in Iowa and concentrate on a sure early win there?

Stay tuned……


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