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Giuliani Notes: Pennsylvania – Rudy Beats Hillary 47% – 43%


The latest Quinnipiac Pennsylvania Poll is out with Mayor Rudy Giuliani beating both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in general election head to head match-ups.

The General Election Nuts:

Rudy – 47%

Hillary – 43 %

Rudy – 45%

Obama – 40%

The GOP Primary NUTS:

Rudy – 28%

McCain – 11%

Thompson – 10%

Romney – 9%

Gingrich – 8%


  • 50 – 44 percent for Clinton;
  • 53 – 28 percent for Giuliani
  • 52 – 40 percent for Gore;
  • 44 – 28 percent for McCain;
  • 44 – 19 percent for Obama;
  • 45 – 26 percent for Edwards;
  • 63 percent haven’t heard enough about Thompson to form an opinion;
  • For Romney, 62 percent haven’t heard enough to form an opinion.

The Mayor is doing extremely well in Pennyslvania and certainly will put the state in play when he receives the GOP nomination.

Rudy mentioned and played the ELECTABILITY CARD yesterday in California.

Hizzoner is RIGHT.


Giuliani will speak at the Montoursville High, Pennsylvania commencement

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, who consoled Montoursville High students amid tragedy a decade earlier, will give the school’s commencement address Sunday, the school said.

Giuliani wrote a to those in the Class of 1997’s baccalaureate program after 16 students and five chaperones en route to Paris were killed in the crash of TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996.

“There was a strong relationship between New York City and Montoursville during that time,” Montoursville Superintendent Dr. Albert J. Cunningham said. “The feelings still run deep.”

Giuliani traveled to Montoursville for an Aug. 17, 1996, memorial service for the Flight 800 victims, and brought the Combined Pipe and Drum Band and New York City Boys’ Choir.


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