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Hillary Clinton Watch: Hillary’s War Part Three

Hillary Clinton addresses Code Pink on March 6, 2003 and discusses Iraq, Saddam Hussein and the run up to the Iraq War.

NIE, Yeah You Know Me

Yet if we had to guess, the new development that might create the most fodder at the debate is a five-year-old National Intelligence Estimate. In their new book (and magazine article) on Hillary Clinton, investigative reporters Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr. allege that she never read the NIE before casting her war vote, which the campaign doesn’t deny. Dodd didn’t read it, and neither did Edwards (despite what he might have said on Wednesday). Interestingly, the Biden camp tells First Read that the Delaware senator DID read it — or at least a draft version of it, which the campaign says had no substantial differences from the final version.

Will Slow Joe Plagiarising Biden have the COJONES to bring this up at the Democrat debate in New Hampshire Sunday?

Will Biden ask Hillary? Or Flipper Edwards?

Edwards says he read the NIE; spokesman later says he dind’t entirely understand question, and didn’t mean to say that.

Flap says they dodge the issue at the debate.

Will the press follow-up?

Stay tuned…….


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