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Michael Ramirez on Paris Hilton AND Illegal Immigration


Gallegly: Where’s the Outcry Over the 21,000 Other Early Releases?

Congressman Elton Gallegly (R-CA24) on Friday said Paris Hilton’s premature release from jail is not the anomaly it is made out to be. Even if she had not been ordered back to jail, after just three days in jail Hilton actually would have served more time in Los Angeles County jail than thousands who have committed far more egregious crimes.

“Paris Hilton should serve her entire sentence, as should anyone who flouts our laws. She repeatedly violated her probation and was given a lenient 23 days after originally being sentenced to 46. If she wants to avoid jail in the future, she should grow up and become a responsible citizen – after paying her debt to society,” Gallegly said.

“But Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo is being disingenuous to complain that Sheriff Lee Baca has broken the law by releasing Hilton without bringing the matter back before a judge. Baca releases more than 21,000 people every year without serving their sentences – thousands of whom are booked and released the same day – and Delgadillo hasn’t complained about any of them. Hilton wasn’t getting preferential treatment; this is status quo in Los Angeles County, and Delgadillo knows it.”

Rather than being released for having a rash, or losing their appetite, the others are let go because of jail overcrowding. And why are the jails overcrowded? Baca appeared before the House Judiciary Committee last August, where Gallegly is a senior member, and clearly stated the problem. Forty percent of Los Angeles County inmates, Baca testified, are illegal immigrants. Take away the illegal immigrant population and overcrowding ceases to be an issue. (Emphasis Flap’s)

Gallegly is absolutely RIGHT.

Illegal immigration is so acutely impacting Los Angeles County jails that very few convicted offenders serve even one half of their sentence. Flap cites the case of former LOST star Michelle Rodriguez who served less than five hours in a Los Angeles County jail for a DUI probation violation last year.

And what about LAPD’s special order 40? And Los Angeles being a “sanctuary city?” Of course, this is BULL.
Paris Hilton should serve her time but then again so should the other LA County convicted offenders.

The illegal aliens should be DEPORTED and the border secured so they cannot return to the United States.


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6 thoughts on “Michael Ramirez on Paris Hilton AND Illegal Immigration

  1. I don’t care if it’s fair or not. I’m so sick of Paris Hilton. Is there any way to keep her longer in jail? We need a break of that waste of space. How about some REAL news?

  2. If the judge had sentenced Paris fairly, the ordeal would be over.

    How about home detention for 6 months OR 45 days in the LA County jail?

    But, the judge wanted to be a “hard-ass” and look at where it has gotten the public.

    More costs and disrespect of the legal process.

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