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Mitt Romney Watch: California – Romney Leading in Latest Datamar Poll


The Poll is here.

The poll sample is very suspect as are the results.

Duncan Hunter at 11%? And over 37% of those surveyed were over the age of 65.

Here are the latest Real Clear Politics California GOP poll averages:



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  • Bill Mitchell

    I am a Romney supporter, yet this poll does seem to represent one of three things:

    1. An amazing surge for Romney (it was taken in conservative San Diego).
    2. A bad sample (heck, the MSM has been specializing in those for years).
    3. A good sample, whereas the other recent polls are bad samples.

    But here is the interesting thing. Romney is surging in New Hamsphire, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada and now California. Romney’s entire ca,paign is based uponpeaking at the righgt time. He seems to be headed in that direction. He is the supremem strategist and I believe this shows that.

    But then again, the poll may just be totally whacked we’ll see.