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Fred Thompson Watch: Military Action Against Iran Remains an Option


Former Republican Senator from Tennessee Fred Thompson appears on Fox News channel’s “Hannity and Colmes” in Washington, June 5, 2007.

Republican Thompson highlights serious Iran threat

Tougher sanctions or a blockade on Iran could help foment growing internal dissent to topple the government, former U.S. Republican senator Fred Thompson, a potential presidential candidate, said on Tuesday.

Military action must always remain an option and world powers must agree on the nature of what Thompson called the “very, very serious threat” from Tehran.

Fred Thompson “GETS IT.” So, does Joe Lieberman.

But, does President Bush?


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4 thoughts on “Fred Thompson Watch: Military Action Against Iran Remains an Option

  1. Obviously Fred is trying to back door the amnesty bill. He has surrounded himself with people llike Matlin, Cheney, Carville, Rove, Griffen. He is holding back annoucing until after 7/4. Is it a coinscidence that 7/4 is also the same time frame for getting the bill signed? I think not.

    He is a extremely dishonest.

    This guy is getting paid to campaign from ABC.

    Why is Fred allowed to be paid by ABC to campaign? What about the equal time? When do all the other candidates get the same opportunity?

    Obviously the guy thinks the American people are fools and wont be the wiser to all his underhanded tactics.

    He is nothing more than a puppet of Roves and if he manages to fool the GOP primary voters into giving him the nomination, the GOP will get creamed in the general.

    If Fred Thompson wins the nomination, I will immediately go out and register as an independent. I can not in good conscience vote for a completly inept and dishonest candidate. There is too much at stake.

  2. I think he is trying to create more BUZZ about his candidacy with waiting.

    However, he will be at an extreme disadvantage campaign dollar wise come January 2008. Romney and Giuliani will hit him with television spots as soon as Labor Day passes.

    My prognosis for Thompson is that his poll numbers may never be better unless one of the other candidates shoots themselves in the foot.

    At this point I do not see Thompson able to beat Hillary. But, there is time.

  3. Thompson is an empty suit with no executive experience and looks very old — much older than any of the candidates including John McCain. Why hasn’t Fred come out on the Immigration Bill but he can go to London and give a foreign policy speech on foreign soil. If Hillary did that, the far right would be going nuts and calling her a traitor but when it comes to Fred, I hear crickets chirping.

    Maybe he doesn’t want to say where he stands on Immigration since he was not exactly against illegal immigration when he was in the Senate. Since his puppet strings are pulled by the WH, guess it is better not to comment.

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