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Mitt Romney Watch: The Robert Lichfield FLAP


Utahn stays on campaign despite abuse allegations

A Utah man remains on presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s state finance committee despite his ties to an organization that a lawsuit alleges abuses children.

Robert Lichfield, who helped launch the Worldwide Association of Specialty Schools (WWASPS), held a fundraiser for Romney in southern Utah earlier this year that raked in more than $300,000 and has been a top financial supporter of the former Massachusetts governor and other Republicans in recent years.

Soren has more on the story and links to this Hill piece: Lawsuits hit a Romney money man.

Creepy, you bet.

If Flap were Romney, he would deep six this donor and start returning money – and QUICK.

And Flap has already raised the issue about Romney’s Utah fundraising operation.

Overall, Romney has raised $2.7 million in Utah for his presidential campaign, far more than any other candidate, according to data compiled by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has raised the second most in the state, $113,000.

These Utah/Mormon cult stories WILL start to stick if Romney continues to ignore the issue.


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will return to one of his favorite – and most lucrative – fundraising spots this weekend: Utah. Romney has scheduled a $500-per-person fundraising breakfast Saturday in the EnergySolutions Arena, hosted by Jazz owner Larry Miller. Later that day he will hold a $1,000-a-plate luncheon in Logan at the home of Cache Valley Electric CEO Jim Laub. And that evening, Romney is hosting a $2,300-per-person fundraiser at his vacation home in Deer Valley.

Stay tuned……


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