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Mitt Romney Watch: Massachusetts State Police and New Hampshire Attorney General Investigating Romney’s Director of Operations – Jay Garrity

Romney aide is the focus of probe

Allegedly acted as State Police trooper

State Police are investigating one of Mitt Romney’s top campaign aides for allegedly impersonating a trooper by calling a Wilmington company and threatening to cite the driver of a company van for erratic driving, according to two law enforcement sources familiar with the probe.

Jay Garrity, who is director of operations on Romney’s presidential campaign and a constant presence at his side, became the primary target of the investigation, according to one of the sources, after authorities traced the cellphone used to make the call back to him. The investigation comes three years after Garrity, while working for Romney in the State House, was cited for having flashing lights and other police equipment in his car without proper permits.

The New Hampshire attorney general, according to the Associated Press, has also opened an investigation into a report that a Romney aide, later identified as Garrity, pulled over a New York Times reporter in New Hampshire and said he had run his license plate.

New Hampshire law prohibits private citizens from accessing license plate databases or pulling over fellow citizens.

You remember the story.

New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich allegedly was pulled over while driving behind Romney’s caravan last week month (May 29) in New Hampshire.

He travels with an entourage that includes two or three “operations” guys who serve as advance men and a security detail. (Between stops in New Hampshire, this reporter found himself trailing the former governor’s S.U.V. on a back road, only to be led to the shoulder and instructed to “veer off” by a man wearing an earpiece who emerged from Mr. Romney’s car. “We ran your license plate,” he told the reporter, and explained that no one was permitted to follow Mr. Romney’s vehicle.)

But, Romney’s campaign yesterday denied stopping the reporter.

So, now comes this report about this same individual, Jay Garrity being investigated in another FAUX-COP incident.


This story appears to have some LEGS.

As Flap said yesterday:

Well, somebody here is not telling the truth.

If the Romney operations folks did what Leibovich wrote then they CLEARLY violated New Hampshire law. At best, the Romney operations crew lied to the reporter to scare him off or intimidate him – real nice.

In any case, the New Hampshire Attorney General should investigate the matter.

And Romney himself needs to clear the air, set the record straight (since he was there), fire the staff responsible and apologize, if necessary.

It certainly appears Mitt Romney has a rogue WANNABE FAUX COP on his payroll as his Director of Operations.

In 2004, the Globe reported, Garrity was cited and fined for driving a Crown Victoria with red and blue lights mounted in the grill, a siren, a PA system, and strobe lights; and for having a nightstick and identification showing a State Police patch that read “Official Business.”

Pending multiple iinvestigations by different jurisdictions, shouldn’t Jay Garrity be placed on LEAVE?

Stay tuned……..


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