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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rudy Continues to Lead in National GOP Polls


The Latest Real Clear Politics GOP National Poll Averages continue to have Mayor Giuliani leading:


The Polls:


Cook/RT Strategies



USA Today/Gallup

The trend-line Graph:


With Rudy continuing to hold onto a precarious lead in national GOP polling, the meteroic rise of Fred Thompson and the early poll leads in Iowa and New Hampshire by Mitt Romney, will the Mayor change strategies and REALLY contend in the early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada?

Or, will the Mayor hope that Romney and Thompson divide votes between the early states and rely on his voter strength in Florida and then move on to Super Tuesday?

Flap hypothesizes the Mayor will bombard Florida with a television/radio media campaign and ignore the early states, hoping to run second or third. With so little time between the contests it would be a crap-shoot for Hizzoner to waste resources on organizing the early states and neglecting the later February 5 contests – particularly California.

Now, the Mayor will continue to fundraise and watch Thompson and Romney duke it out for second place over the summer.

McCain is done because of his position on the Senate illegal immigration bill and his money will DRY UP. Flap predicts he will be out by Labor Day – probably a health excuse.

Stay tuned……


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