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Giuliani Notes: Rudy 29% McCain 15% Romney 12% Thompson 11% in Latest California PPIC Statewide Poll


California PPIC Statewide Survey

At the national level, Giuliani is also the front runner—with or without Gingrich in the race—according tocthe mid-June USA Today/Gallup poll, with Thompson and McCain nearly tied for second place. When California’s Republican primary likely voters were presented with a shorter list this past March thatcincluded Giuliani, McCain, Gingrich, and Romney, 33 percent supported Giuliani, 19 percent supportedcMcCain, 14 percent Gingrich, and 7 percent Romney.

Giuliani is the leading candidate today among conservatives (26%) and others (35%), and both men (27%) and women (31%). Conservatives are less likely than others to support Giuliani and more likely than others to support Romney and Thompson. After Giuliani, men are more likely than women to support McCain and Thompson, while women are more likely than men to support Romney.



Rudy continues to enjoy a lead in California although I suspect that it is closer than 14-18 points.

When Fred Thompson announces in the next week or so, the game will be afoot with advantage Team Giuliani. Rudy has been visible in California, campaigning in both Northern and Southern California – in fact he is in California today.

No other candidate has been as visible and been as actively contending the state.


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