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Michael Ramirez on John Edwards and the UK Terrorist Bombings


Giuliani Notes: Rudy Slaps Edwards for Calling Global War on Terror a BUMPER STICKER

UK Terror Watch: Flaming Car Rams into Glasgow Airport Part 2;Update – Police Have Made Two More Arrests in Cheshire, England in London, Glasgow Terror Incidents

UK Terror Watch: Flaming Car Rams into Glasgow Airport; Update: U.S. Boosting Presence of Security Officials at Airports; Update: Eyewitness Reports – One of Car Bombers Fought with Police Shouting Allah Allah;Britain Raises Security Level to Critical – Another Attack Imminent; Update: Terror Suspect Dies? Or Not?; Update: Glasgow Incident Linked to London Attack Yesterday; Update: Three Suspects Involved at Glasgow – One Dead at Scene

Terror in London Watch: Police Have Crystal Clear Image of Car Bomber

Terror in London Watch: Explosives-Packed Car Defused; Update: UK Launches Manhunt for Failed Car Bombers; Update: A Suspect Has Been Identified on Camera; Update:3 sought after 2nd car bomb found in London



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