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Diana’s Birthday Party – Perfect

Sir Elton John – Your Song – Performing Live at the Concert

William hails ‘perfect’ Diana event

Princes William and Harry brought down the curtain on the concert they organised in memory of their mother.

They took to the stage of Wembley Stadium to thank the stars and audience at the event held to mark what would have been Diana’s 46th birthday.

“Wow. How could we follow all that? What a show,” William said. “I hope you all had an incredible evening. I know Harry and I certainly have.”

Harry said: “Hopefully, thanks to all of you here tonight, we will have raised enough money to make a difference to all the fantastic charities of our mother’s. We both hope and look forward to following the example of both our parents in working to help others.”

With all of the turmoil of terrorist bombings the past few days, Flap is glad this concert went off in the UK tonight “perfectly.”

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One Comment

  • Cynthia

    I thought the Concert for Diana was absolutely perfect EXCEPT Kanye West’s outrageous performance. His choice of material left a great deal to be desired and the fact that he spent his time on stage grabbing his crotch was enough to make any American embarassed. The fact that he was rude and that he was the only one who had to be bleeped more times than I could count speaks to his own misguided sense of self importance rather than the fact he was there to honor Princess Diana. It is easy to see why he was not included in the hour long NBC special shown later in the evening. Even his own country didn’t want him on their network. I hope the millions of people around the world who saw him on VH1 will think twice before buying his records or going to his concerts.