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Giuliani Notes: Rudy Outraises GOP Field in Race for 2008

Republican presidential hopeful former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani points to the 17th Street Canal levee as he talks with Lakeview resident Kelly Alfortish during a brief visit to the Hurricane Katrina damaged areas in New Orleans, Saturday, June 30, 2007. Alfortish whose home was flooded during the storm and shared her story with Giuliani.

Romney, Giuliani report on fundraising

Republican Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign reported $17 million in contributions from April through June and $18 million in the bank for both the primary and general elections.

Mitt Romney’s campaign on Tuesday said the former Massachusetts governor had raised $14 million exclusively for the primary and had tapped his personal wealth for an extra $6.5 million.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitt Romney raised $14 million from April through June for his Republican presidential campaign and added an extra $6.5 million from his own personal wealth.

Romney’s fundraising fell short of his first quarter, when he raised $20.6 million and lent himself $2.35 million.



— $14 million in primary contributions
— a $6.5 million loan from Romney
— a total of $43.9 million raised in the first six months (including Romney’s loans to his campaign)
— cash on hand is $12 million, which means that Team Romney has spent nearly $32 million dollars so far. Wow.


–$17 million in primary and general contributions

–Cash on hand is over $18 million for primary and general elections

— No campaign debt

Flap would like to see Rudy’s totals for the primary only but the fact remains he outraised or at least raised as much as Romney and did not burn through his funds like Mitt.

Rudy continues as the front-runner while Romney has burned funds with television commercials in Iowa and New Hampshire. Romney remains in fourth place in national polling and in important California and Florida.

Cash on hand comparison:

Rudy – $18 million

Romney – $12 million with $9 million in outstanding debt = $3 million

McCain – $2 million

Fred Thompson – ?

What others are saying:

National Review GOP Money [Yuval Levin]

The cash-on-hand situation really tells us why Romney felt the need to pump such a significant loan from his own pocket into the campaign. With that loan, the campaign’s coffers contain almost exactly what they did at the end of the previous quarter in terms of cash-on-hand. Without it, his campaign would have looked to be spending significantly more than it was taking in (which it is, due in large measure to television ads that are airing where early voters are, but not where donors are).

Overall, the GOP funding figures paint a picture of a strong Giuliani campaign, and a decent but not great Romney effort, which is burning through money at a breakneck pace. McCain, though, looks like toast.

CBN – The Brody File: Giuliani vs. Romney: Fundraising Numbers Are In

I’m being told by sources close to Giuliani’s campaign that out of Giuliani’s $17 million – $15 million of that is for the Primary Election. $2 million is designated for the General Election. Romney’s $14 million is all Primary Election money.

But, at the end of the day, the story here is Giuliani. He continues to defy the odds. People want to write him off because as a Republican, his views are too liberal. Well, he’s been pretty clear and public with his views and so far, financially at least, he’s not taking a hit. He may not be getting donations from The Southern Baptists Firefighters Association (is there really a group like that?) but clearly, there seems to be an appetite for Giuliani out there.

His strength is in the ideological middle and his tough talk on terrorism and reputation as a crime fighting straight talking guy who gets things done plays well in certain Evangelical circles. Not to mention, these Evangelicals think he is the only Republican that can beat Hillary Clinton in the General Election.

It’s a long road to The White House but Giuliani is beginning to prove he has staying power. Will it last?

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