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How to Prevent Glasgow Airport-Like Attacks – BOLLARDS

An example of the use of bollards at the United States Capitol

Glasgow-like attacks are preventable


Could a bomb-laden car ram into a crowded U.S. airport terminal like the attempted recent terror attack in Glasgow, Scotland?

Security analysts say “yes” in most U.S. airports, including all three major Bay Area airports. On the other hand, the same security measure that helped thwart the Glasgow attack can and in most cases will be put into place on this side of the Atlantic.

“We still have time; we don’t have to wait until this comes to us,” said Texas-based security consultant Issy Boim, who helped develop El Al Israel Airlines’ legendary security regime. “We need to think in a different way and actually find the right solution. In this type of business, even if it’s not popular and the threat exists, you cannot ignore the threat.”

The way to stop flaming explosive-laden cars from slamming into a crowded terminal, as the driver of an SUV attempted to do June 30 in Glasgow, is to put up sturdy posts called bollards.

Bollards already protect a variety of iconic buildings such as San Francisco’s iconic Transamerica Pyramid and government office buildings. They’re already partly in use at San Francisco International Airport, and officials are planning to install them at Oakland International Airport and in new and remodeled terminals at Mineta San Jose International Airport as well.

The often decoratively embellished posts reportedly kept attackers from ramming the crowded Glasgow terminal, and their usefulness is well-known in security circles.

At Glasgow last week:

An off duty policeman sprays water at a burning bomber (Dr. Khalid Ahmed) who tried to ignite explosives at Glasgow Airport – note the bollards.

Flap says install them. Assume the worst…… certainly saved the folks in Glasgow.

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  • John R.

    Don’t you think some higher-up has already thought of this already?

    Not exactly a brilliant insight.

  • Flap

    Yep that is why I posted a photo of what is already installed.

    But, if you read the entire piece and the links you would see not all California airports have bollards installed.

    And they should have them.

    They are not installed at every terminal at LAX for example.

    That is a recommendation because apparently not all higher-ups (whatever that means)have thought of them.