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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Watch: Mirthala Salinas’ Condo Prompts Ethics Questions for Mayor


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (L) laughs with Britain’s David Beckham during an LA Galaxy news conference introducing Beckham as the newest member of the MLS soccer league team in Carson, California, July 13, 2007.

While Los Angeles Mayor Antonio gets back to city business with David Beckham above (although the Mayor was roundly booed) new questions arise with his relationship with Telemundo Channel 52 political reporter Mirthala Salinas. This time the FLAP is regarding the purchase of Ms. Salinas’ one bedroom Studio City condominuim in 2006.

KNBC television channel 4 is reporting this morning that Mirthala Salinas bought the condominium from one of Mayor Villaraigosa’s campaign contributors and CFO of a powerful lobbying and PR firm which has a long history of doing business with the City of Los Angeles. This contributor says he never met the buyer and did not know who she was. The Mayor too says he was in the dark.

“I actually has no knowledge of who sold what to who,” said Villaraigosa. “And my staff responded to that.”

Mirthala Salinas reportedly paid $500,000 for the condominium. A spokesperson for the Mayor said that was the going rate at the time.

From Mayor Sam (Via Luke Ford):

A campaign backer apparently sold Mirthala her Condo at below market value.

I’m sure appointments, promotions of Sabrina Kay’s fashion line, and various other conflicts-of-interest would be of great interest to Rocky and others who would like to advance over Big Love.

Bottom line: Big Love wants to be Gov. There are many other politicians who would like that also. Getting Big Love’s scalp as part of anti-corruption would be a way of both blocking Big Love and proving to voters that said pol is tough on corruption and deserving of votes.

Screwing around on your wife and screwing your buddies wives is not illegal (though despicable). Conflict of interest violations for your mistresses CAN potentially be illegal depending on the law.

So, who was the campaign contributor?

Steve Bullock, CFO of Cerrell and Associates.

Steve Bullock, Chief Financial Officer of Cerrell and Associates

At a dinner last night, which the Mayor attended, Steve Bullock who donated $1,000 to Villaraigosa in 2005, was asked about the sale of the Studio City condominium to Mirthala Salinas. His reply: “Very straight up real estate transaction. Never met the buyer. Did not know who she was.”

A spokesperson for the Mayor maintains the Mayor had NO involvement in the sale.

A $500,000 blind real estate sale for a friend/mistress of the Mayor of Los Angeles and you know nothing about it? And you are a Chief Financial Officer of a PR and political consulting firm that represent clients doing business with the City of Los Angeles and you know nothing?

And you expect Flap or anyone else to believe this?

Flap thinks this is the tip of the iceberg for Mayor Villaraigosa. More ethical questons upon more ethical questions.

Flap asks: when will the Los Angeles County Grand Jury involve itself in this matter?

During the course of a television interview on June 19, 2006, Villaraigosa walks with Salinas outside the state Capitol.

Stay tuned……..

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