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Joe Wilson Endorses Hillary Clinton for President


Fmr. Ambassador Joseph Wilson Endorses Clinton

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of leading Iraq war critic and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

“I have known Hillary Clinton for a decade. She is the one candidate who, in my judgment, understands the need to get Americans out of harm’s way and to move this to a political process,” Wilson said. “She knows what to do. She has the leadership. On day one, she will be able to reach out to the international community, and I am delighted to fight the fight with her.”

“I admire Joe Wilson’s courage in standing up to this administration and holding it accountable for the misinformation that led us into the Iraq war,” Clinton said. “I’m honored to have his support as we do everything in our power to bring this war to an end and begin bringing our troops home safely.”

Guess Joe wants another ambassador gig now that his wife, Valerie Plame is retired from the CIA.



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