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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Watch: Los Angeles Times’ SOB SISTER for the Rising Media Star – Mirthala Salinas

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The Los Angeles Times piece we all expected has finally arrived. And it is the SOB SISTER for Mirthala Salinas.

Telemundo executives are close to deciding the fate of Mirthala Salinas, who had a romantic relationship with L.A.’s mayor while reporting on him.

Mirthala Salinas was a rising star at one of Los Angeles’ premier Spanish-language television stations before she came to be known as the other woman in Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s life.

A respected and aggressive journalist, she anchored a newscast that won two local Emmy Awards at KVEA-TV Channel 52 during her 10 years at the Telemundo station. She earned a Golden Mike broadcasting award as well.

“She was very smart and always had her finger on the pulse of the community,” said one former Telemundo executive, who recalled the 35-year-old newscaster as poised and articulate.

Now, Salinas’ career hangs in the balance as Telemundo executives decide as early as Monday whether to fire her for having a romantic relationship with Villaraigosa while she was covering him as a political reporter.

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah…….

The Los Angeles Times first apologizes for Mayor Villaraigosa’s immoral and unethical conduct and now is spinning the POWER FUC**R as the poor rising media star as the unfortunate victim.

Instead of directing an inquiry into the Mayor’s relationship with Salinas in the press room and with special interests, they profile Salinas and make a case of her continued employment at NBC/Telemundo:

“She is a community figure; people relate to her and respect her,” said Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, chief executive of Enlace, an L.A. communications marketing firm that specializes in Latino media. “Spanish-language news anchors are not just readers of the news. They are the voice of the community; they are advocates for the community and role models.”


And whether Mirthala’s relationship with the Mayor gave him favorable press treatment and NBC/Telemundo access to stories they otherwise would not have, the Los Angeles Times has this:

In an interview this week, Villaraigosa said he never gave Salinas or Channel 52 an advantage, adding that he regularly appears on many of Los Angeles’ television newscasts and provides almost unfettered access to reporters seeking one-on-one interviews.

“I play more favorites with … the L.A. Times than I have with anybody on this beat,” he said. “Honest-to-God truth.”


During the course of a television interview on June 19, 2006, Villaraigosa walks with Salinas outside the state Capitol.

When the Los Angeles Times wants to protect someone, they go all the way.

But, why is the largest newspaper in Los Angeles protecting Mirthala Salinas and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, excusing their unethical conduct and failing to investigate the affair?

Isn’t it obvious?

Readers, you tell Flap…….

By the way, Mirthala is in NO danger of being fired.



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