Fred Thompson,  President 2008

Fred Thompson Watch: Thompson Replaces Campaign Staff Because of Rift With His Wife

Former U.S. Senator and potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson (R-TN) walks with his wife Jeri Thompson (L) as they leave a luncheon at the Clarion Town House Hotel in Columbia, South Carolina June 27, 2007.

Carl Cameron at Fox News mentions on air that Fred Thompson’s non-Presidential campaign has shifted gears by changing its campaign manager because of a disagreement with the non-candidates wife, Jerri.

The Thompson campaign was first to announce his campaign for the Presidency around the 4th of July, then the announcement was changed to August and now September.

Will Thompson EVEN run?

Or is he just acting the part?

If he does, he better get a better game – and get rid of the youngish wife making campaign decisions.

Not a good day for Thompson.

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