Fred Thompson,  President 2008

Fred Thompson Watch: More Trouble With the Non-Campaign; Update: “You Are Not a Real Conservative, Sir”

Fred and Mrs. Jeri Thompson

Yesterday Flap reported that Fred Thompson’s Presidential non-campaign manager was replaced because of a rift with the former Senator’s wife.

Kelly O’Donnell has more on the JERI FACTOR.

Apparently Thompson’s fundraising is DOWN and there has been another staff resignation.

Fred is living up to his reputation as a “light weight” – remember what Nixon said?

Does Thompson have the “fire in his belly” to run for the Presidency? He sure as hell is NOT showing it and his poll numbers reflect it.

Fred is making John McCain’s campaign look good. WOW……


And now he is heckled – before he announces – double WOW.


Fred Thompson Watch: Thompson Replaces Campaign Staff Because of Rift With His Wife

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