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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Why Rudy Will Say NO to GOP You Tube Debate; Update: The You Tube Questions Keep Rolling In


Reason #1

Why Mayor Rudy Giuliani will say NO to participation in the CNN/You Tube GOP debate.

Flap says Patrick: You REALLY have to be kidding me, RIGHT?

Reason #2


Rudy blames CNN and his campaign schedule for opting out of the debate and not the You Tube format.

“I have no problem at all with the format. My campaign informed me yesterday that CNN just went ahead and picked a date, didn’t bother to ask us, and we have six events on that date that are already scheduled, I think,” Giuliani said.

“There was a little annoyance on the part of my campaign. They just select a date and they don’t think we have anything else to do.”

Well, if they reschedule this debate how can you make it less trivial and more substantive?

Patrick, what say you?

Update #2

Hugh Hewitt is ridiculing the idea on his KRLA radio show.



Update #3

Rudy on KGO radio in San Francisco this afternoon had this to say about the FLAP:

“It reminded me of a New York City town hall meeting,” the former New York City mayor said, with a big laugh. “I was really comfortable with it … I liked it. Yes, I thought it was an interesting way to do it.

“…If you did all the debates that way, it would be a big mistake … but a debate or two to kind of throw a curve ball — it’s a good idea.”

Hizzoner, his scheduling conflict and all,  will not be participating unless his former e-campaign director Patrick Ruffini can come up with some alternative dates.

Flap KNOWS that this is not the format for the GOP front runner.


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  • DJ

    Seems to me Rudy’s smart to skip as many debates as he can get away with. So long as this is a crowded field and the roughly 70% of Republicans who don’t now support Rudy are going with someone else, he’s in this thing. So let McCain and Fred and Mitt fight it out and Rudy can stand pat on his plurality through Super Duper Tuesday.

  • Flap

    @ DJ

    I have to agree.

    Rudy has been campaigning non-stop around the country and attended all of the MSM debates.

    Does the GOP really need another one?

    Rudy doesn’t.