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Jerry Brown Watch: California Governor in 2010?

Senator Feinstein meets with Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland, California and Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco, California.

Philip J. Trounstine, the former communications director for Gov. Gray Davis, hints at THE POSSIBLITY of the idea of a recycled Governor Moonbeam in 2010. Remember that Gray Davis is Brown’s former Gubernatorial Chief of Staff.

Brown, a former Governor in the 1970’s is immune from term limits and could seek two more terms as California’s Governor. If elected, Brown, would be 72 years old when taking office.

Remember that current Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who replaced Governor Gray Davis when he was recalled is termed out and cannot by law run for re-election.

Let’s look at the race.

Can Attorney General Brown win the Democrat primary?


Who will be his opposition:

Steve Westly – former California Controller who lost to Phil Angelides last year in the Democrat primary for Governor.

Phil Angelides – former California Treasuerer and Democrat Party Chairman who lost to Arnold Schwarzengger last year in the general election.

Gavin Newsom – current Mayor of San Francisco who admits to sleeping with his campaign manager’s wife and carrying on a sordid affair.

Antonio Villaraigosa – current Mayor of Los Angeles who admits to an affair with Mirthala Salinas, a Telemundo political reporter and who is in the middle of a divorce.

John Garramendi – current Lt. Governor of California who many Democrat activists describe as yesterday’s news.

Jack O’Connell – current California Superintendent of Public Instruction who has limited statewide name recognition.

So, does former Governor Moonbeam Moonbat have a shot with the Democrats?

You bet

In the general election against moderate Republican Steve Poizner who is currently the California Insurance Commissioner, the race would be more difficult. Poizner has youth and the money to pound Brown on Rose Bird, the Death Penalty and other Brown oddities.

On the bright side, Flap would enjoy the race because of:

Yeah, Flap, knows Brown is NOW married. But, I bet Linda comes out and sings a few sets for the AG – and how about the Eagles too?

Stay tuned……..

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