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Rudy Giuliani Watch: The You Tube Debate Flap Continues


Remember the Flap?

Captain Ed has a good round-up of the discussion in the RIGHT Blogosphere including the dust-up between friends High Hewitt and Patrick Ruffini.

Flap is going to take a more parochial view for the Giuliani campaign. Does this format and the debate aid the Giuliani campaign in Florida?

Obviously, NO WAY.

As it has been discussed here previously, Florida is a KEY state for Rudy prior to Super Duper Tuesday on February 5. Giuliani leads the GOP field in most Florida polls but Fred Thompson has closed the gap to around three points in the latest poll. And Fred Thompson has not announced a formal candidacy and will not until after Labor Day.

Anyone want to guess, when he will announce?

Right! – After the September 17 debate.

Let the other GOP candidates make asses out of themselves answering left-wing MORONIC questions and look un-Presidental while Thompson announces shortly afterwards and runs positive television and radio ads.

Sorry, Patrick, this is not the bell-weather of GOP vs Dems on the internet – It is a TRAP for Rudy.


And this MORON obviously doesn’t read Wikipedia


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