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Fred Thompson Watch: FLOP Response

Earlier today it was leaked by the Politico that the Thompson non-campaign for President has raised a pathetically small $3 million plus since beginning campaign operations in June.

Some Thompson supporters are worried that the Presidential campaign will be a FLOP.

The campaign lagged and finally distributed a “rapid” response piece some four plus hours later.

Thompson’s WEAK response demonstrates this non-campaign is NOT ready for prime time.

A FLOP is kind – how about NON-STARTER?


Next, read these responses which are pretty much a rewrite of Thompson’s talking points here and here.

Their analyses are so flawed that Flap hardly knows where to start.

But, I will.

  • Thompson hasn’t announced, has hired minimal staff and has NO money ($3 million won’t cut it) to run television ads in major Super Tuesday states.
  • Giuliani did not announce until February of this year – so their figures are false.
  • McCain has raised more, is a declared candidate and has spent alot – but shot his wad, so to speak.
  • Also, this is not December 2006 but August 2007 and January 2008 elections loom.

I may have to make these lunacy analyses a separate post.

NOBODY is buying them.

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