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John Edwards Calls Rudy Giuliani – “Bush on Steroids”


John Edwards 28,000 square foot compound in North Carolina

Former Senator and defeated Vice President candidate John Edwards called former Mayor Rudy Giuliani – BUSH ON STEROIDS after a recent campaign event in San Francisco.

But Edwards saved his biggest bomb for the mini presser afterward, where he responded to Giuliani’s jibe that he and Obama and Hillary, “do not understand a capitalistic economy.”

“What Giuliani is, is George Bush on steroids.” Edwards said. “Giuliani, Romney and the rest of the Republicans running for the nomination are going to give the country four more years of crony capitalism, which is exactly what we have now. We have insurance companies and drug companies and oil companies running this government. They need to be stopped. And Giuliani just wants to empower them.”

The fact is John Edwards = HYPOCRITE.

Listen to Edwards campaigning in Dover New Hampshire:


And, then look at his 25,000 square foot home above.

John Edwards understands a capitalistic economy, he lives in it.

However, what John Edwards does NOT understand is that socialist type redistribution policies hurt American businesses and investment.

The Mayor’s quote:

“This is one of the things they do not understand, whether it’s Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards – they do not understand a capitalistic economy. They think it’s bad to make money,” he said, adding that he sees no shame in someone wanting to be rich.



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