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Mitt Romney Watch: Romney Health Care 2.0 – Another FLIP for MITT

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney delivers his annual State of the Commonwealth, January 18, 2006. Massachusetts lawmakers overwhelmingly approved an ambitious health-care bill on Tuesday that would make it the first U.S. state to require nearly all residents to be insured or face penalties.

RomneyCare 2.0

Is this another FLIP for MITT?

Apparently so……..

A far worse camel’s nose is the “universal” plan Mr. Romney championed in Massachusetts. As Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards put it, “If universal health care was good enough for Massachusetts, why isn’t it good enough for the rest of the country?”

It’s not an unfair question. Mr. Romney’s Bay State legacy is now praised by liberals as a prototype for national policy. That’s done a great deal to set back the kind of tax reform that he now espouses. The issue for GOP primary voters to consider is why he went in such a different direction in Boston. Granted, a mere Governor couldn’t restructure the federal tax code, and he was dealing with a far-left legislature. Yet his willingness to compromise in Massachusetts on core matters of principle, and then trumpet those statist policies as a “free-market” solution, raises questions about how far and easily he’d bend to a Democratic Congress.

Mr. Romney’s conversion to free-market health-care thinking is nonetheless welcome — assuming he believes it.

Flap has criticized the then Massachusetts Governor Romney for his “universal” and “socialized” plan. You know the one Hillary Clinton has praised and supported by Teddy Kennedy.

Sally Pipes over at National Review had this criticism.

Conservatives mostly understand the problems associated with the direct government provision of products and services — poor quality, shortages, high taxes, and shoddy service. What they must also understand is that forcing an individual to purchase health insurance is merely a rest stop on the journey to the same destination.

The best way to make health insurance available to the greatest number of people is to make sure that it can be provided at the lowest possible prices. Instead of abolishing the government regulations that have raised the cost of health insurance in Massachusetts, Governor Romney has proposed that the government should pay for the health insurance of the very people for whom the government made health insurance unaffordable.

But, wait, in Romney’s health care plan 2.0 he has eliminated the mandates he championed in Massachusetts.

The problem Mitt has had with his campaign is he simply is NOT CREDIBLE on the issues.

Health care is yet another in his flips and oddities.


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