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Michael Ramirez on Senator Larry Craig



From the Idaho Statesman:

From the Washington Post:

And the national GOP has to ask: What’s Next?

When will Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have a “SIT DOWN” with Senator Craig?

Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho, left, speaks to reporters, with his wife Suzanne, Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 28, 2007, in Boise, Idaho. Under fire from leaders of his own party, Larry Craig, accused of lewd conduct in a men’s room, declared Tuesday, ‘I am not gay’ and said the only thing he did wrong was plead guilty to a criminal charge.

Stay tuned………


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7 thoughts on “Michael Ramirez on Senator Larry Craig

  1. OhMyGod! I’m SO losing faith in this country. What a bunch of witch-hunters! Why do police spend so much time looking for people having sex? Everyone wants to see the poor senator hung out to dry! Un-Believable! Even the gay-rights people say hang him high. No tolerance! Unless you’re out there waving their nelly banners, you’re to be hung up! That’s why I can’t stand MOST gay people. They have no room in their little parade for the thousands of men and woman out there that are tormented by being GAY. Nope, you gotta get out there and wave those banners, support their causes, and hit those gay-bars! Please. I put over 20yrs into your little club-life, and personally, I’m sick of you all. I’d much rather go back to it all being hush-hush and an every now and then thing. Not everyone is the same. And I say all of you who cast the first stone at Senator Craig? SHAME ON YOU! TSK-TSK-TSK! And those in politics who run their yaps negatively? More EGG on the Republican parties faces! And you cops who try to entrap people in prostitution type situations? The end judgement will NOT be in your favors, that’s for sure. Why is this country so screwed up over sex? Is that what religion does to people? The God I pray to tells me there is NO one religion. And two people consenting to have sex? LEAVE THEM ALONE! And you airport cops? Don’t you have terroists you should be looking for?

  2. Sorry but cruising for gay or straight sex (prostitution) is a crime.

    This bathroom was a well known site for public anonymous gay sex and men would go there to engage in such. Not only is this disgusting but such conduct is illegal – as it should be.

    Do I have to explain to you why?

  3. I think gays are really sick…public restrooms, wow, hardup or what ? If you want to have your knob polished, or bump someone in the butt….go to a private home or hotel and do your thing, not out in public.Thank God, there are cops on the prowl for this kind of behavior…!!!

  4. Yeah and how would you like to take your little boy into the restroom and have to put up with this BS?

    Hopefully he will resign this afternoon.

    Anyone hear anything?

  5. What you might want to find out is the connection of Craig to [(Spokane)Jim West group]:

    1. Scott McCauley

    2. TW Enterprises

    3. Massive Pet food recall

    4. Ergoline Team

    5. Mike Webb murder

    6. John McKay (fired US Attorney WA State) Omaha knowledge and talking to – –

    7. Tom Wales (murdered US Prosecutor WA State) about his first hand knowledge of what Sullivan and Cromwell were really up to haveing to do with the Estate of the House of Stuart. And just how much of this did he share with Princess Diana?

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