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Senator Larry Craig Watch: McCain and Coleman Call for Craig Resignation


Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Police arrest-booking photo of Sen. Lary Craig, R-Idaho

Senators John McCain and Norm Coleman beat Senate GOP Minority leader Mitch McConnell in calling for Senator Larry Craig’s resignation.

Arizona Sen. McCain and Norm Coleman of Minnesota, the state where Craig was arrested, became the first senators to join Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., urging Craig’s resignation.

McCain told CNN the decision was Craig’s to make, “but my opinion is that when you plead guilty to a crime, you shouldn’t serve. That’s not a moral stand. That’s not a holier-than-thou. It’s just a factual situation.”

“I think he should resign,” McCain said.

Coleman said in a statement, “Senator Craig pled guilty to a crime involving conduct unbecoming a senator.”

Hoekstra said Craig “represents the Republican party” and that “his conduct throughout this matter has been inappropriate for a U.S. senator.”

Remember Flap said Craig would be GONE by Thursday.

Anyone want to start a betting pool?


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