Larry Craig

Senator Larry Craig Watch: Craig Resigns

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Police arrest-booking photo of Sen. Lary Craig, R-Idaho

Senator Larry Craig resigns effective September 30 over a Minneapolis men’s room sex sting.

Sen. Larry Craig, surrounded by his family, Gov. Butch Otter, State Schools Superintendent Tom Luna and Congressman Bill Sali, resigned from the U.S. Senate, effective Sept. 30.

He thanked his family for supporting him, and thanked Idahoans for letting him serve as senator. “I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me.”

With his wife at his side and Otter standing behind him, Craig said, “It is with sadness and deep regret that I announce it is my intention to resign from the Senate effective Sept. 30.”

And who will succeed Craig?

Otter likely to appoint Risch to replace Larry Craig in Senate

The Senator should have announced his retirement after he pled guilty in June. But, blind ambition and arrogance lead him to embarass his wife, family, GOP and fellow Idahoans.


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  • Mr. Neal

    Here is (was) an individual we entrusted with writing/passing the laws for our country. Then he’s stupid enough to not only get caught up in a police sting operation, but then, without benefit of counsel or common sense, pleads guilty in order to “just make it go away”. This man obviously doesn’t have the least bit of common sense as to how the legal system works. You plead guilty, it’s on public record forever, whether you’re guilty or not. And for a public official to be on public record as pleading guilty to lewd behaviour, well, that sounds fairly stupid to me. Another (turkey) feather in the cap of the republican party. Vote Libertarian!

  • Flap

    Larry Craig pled guilty to a crime (disorderly/lewd conduct) and Vitter had his name in a Madame’s address book. Vitter admitted unfaithfulness to his wife but nothing more.

    Vitter committed no crime and Craig did.

    A big distinction.

  • Flap

    Did Vitter admit to breaking any laws?

    Don’t think so.

    Is it unlawful to having sex with someone other than your wife?


    Nor was Vitter convicted of any crime.

    Craig pled guilty to a crime.

    And just because your name is in someone’s directory doesn’t mean you have engaged in unlawful conduct.

  • Brian

    Vitter wasn’t convicted of paying for sex but he admitted to visiting prostitutes and paying them money. It seems that the difference is that one got caught. They are both law breakers.

  • Flap

    Did Vitter admit that?

    Admit to a crime?

    I don’t think so.

    But, there still is the distinction that Craig DID plead guilty to a crime and Vitter did NOT.

    Here is a link to Vitter’s exact quotes.

    Vitter, 46, acknowledged in a statement last Monday that his number was included in the telephone records of an escort service run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, a woman dubbed by the news media as the “D.C. Madam.”

    In the statement, Vitter said the incident was “a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible.”

    “Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and from my wife in confession and marriage counseling.”

    The phone records were dated before 2004, when Vitter was first elected to the Senate.

    “No matter how long ago it was, I know this has hurt the relationship of trust I’ve enjoyed with so many of you,” he said. “I will work everyday to rebuild that trust.”

    Vitter will still have to confront his Louisiana constituents if he decides to run for re-election. He probably is dead politically and will be replaced by another GOP nominee.

    However, Louisiana loves their “different” politicians and you never know.

    • Brian

      A very serious sin with a prostitute? What could that of been besides the obvious paying for sex, which is a crime?

      He admitted to it and everyone but you seems to realize what he was admitting to doing.

      Maybe he and the women were worshiping false idols?

      The difference is the governor of Louisiana is a Democrat and would appoint a Democrat to replace him.

  • Brian

    Of course Jefferson should resign.

    But I find it odd that you trust politicians that much that you really think he didn’t break a law. The only difference is one criminal got caught. And the one that didn’t would be replaced by a Democrat if he resigned.

    Flap, it is in evidence that his name was in the customer book of a call girl ring. Why else would it be there? The senator has already admitted to using call girls. You are the only one denying a crime took place.

  • Flap

    Amerian law provides people are innocent of a crime unless proven guilty or plead guilty in a court of law.

    Do you not support this legal precept?

    We were discussing the distinction of Craig vs Vitter and I made that argument.

    AS I told you over and over Vitter has not been convicted of any crime nor did he plead guilty to one. I provided evidence to that effect.

    Yet, you insist he is guilty of a crime. Sounds to me that you do not believe in the rule of law but rather guilt by association.

    And, you avoided the question on William Jefferson?

    Should indicted Louisiana Representative Jefferson resign?

  • Brian

    I avoided it? Did you read this quote:

    “Of course Jefferson should resign.”

    But you have the double standard I presume. You want Jefferson to resign even though he hasn’t been convicted but want Vitter who has admitted to a crime ( paying for sex, unless you think he was just admitting to what exactly?) to remain in office.

  • Flap

    Sorry Brian I read too quickly…….

    My heavens, can you compare the two Vitter vs Jefferson?

    Remember Vitter has admitted no crime and was not even elected to the Senate for the years his name appeared in the Madame’s address book.

    Jefferson has been indicted and Vitter never has. Jefferson should resign but he won’t.

    Did you see the latest on Craig?

    He might reconsider his resignation. Link