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Iran Nuclear Watch: Khamenei – Iran Will Outsmart “Drunken and Arrogant” West

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (R) shakes hands with General Yahya Rahim Safavi — the former chief of the Revolutionary Guards — while his newly-appointed successor General Mohammad Ali Jaafari looks on during a meeting in Tehran. Khamenei pledged that Iran will never yield to Western pressure over its nuclear program, and it would outsmart “drunken and arrogant” Western opponents in the standoff.

The Iran nuclear program, the Iranian government and Iran’s Mullahs who control the country are all over the place this weekend.

Iran announces they have met a uranium enrichment centrifuge goal of 3,000. This is disputed by the IAEA.

The British press reports that “war plans” have been finalized for a three day military blitz against Iran and their military plus nuclear facilities. Another UK newspaper asks whether Bush will bomb Iran?

In response, Iran President Ahmadinejad states he has “PROOF” that the United States will NOT attack Iran.

But, not to be seen as WEAK, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls the United States and West names – “drunken and arrogant” and says that Iran would never yield to Western pressure over its nuclear program.

Where does the United States, its Allies, including Israel stand?

There will be renewed pressure to sanction Iran through the United Nations. However, without Chinese and Russian cooperation these sanctions will be MEANINGLESS.

In the meantime, President Bush has diplomatically defused a North Korean threat and has cut off Iran’s pipeline to advanced missile and nuclear technology from North Korea.

The “PROXY WAR” Iran has been waging against the United States in Iraq has been exposed and the United States is conducting clandestine military ops into Iran to gather intelligence and tactical advantage.

While Iran has been stalling to further develop their nuclear program, the United States has not been idle. Watch for increasing pressure immediately in the United Nations at first and if no result look for increasing OVERT military operations against Iran in the proxy war in Iraq.

If Iran were to confront the United States, then the President Bush will neutralize the threat.

Stay tuned………


There is also a move afoot to divest Iranian investment.



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2 thoughts on “Iran Nuclear Watch: Khamenei – Iran Will Outsmart “Drunken and Arrogant” West

  1. Voice of America and Fiasco at Persian Service.

    As a native born Iranian, I would like to suggest that there is no need to attack Iran militarily if the Bush administration pays attention to those who know the situation and use the awesome power of publicity instead of military.
    Millions of dollars are spent in Persian Service of Voice of America but the end result is nothing but scandalous way of management and programming.
    It is hard to believe but the Persian Service which supposed to be an organization to convey the policy of the U.S. has become a free platform for hard-line terrorist group of communists who attack the United Sates!
    I have the documents in writings to prove that these were done with the knowledge of the management.
    I used to work there and as I said before, I have all the documents in writings.
    The manager is a woman called Sheila Gandji who can not read and write Persian. Therefore, in order to hide this shortcoming from the higher management, she has hired an eighty something man called Kambiz Mahmoudi who has a lengthy background as crook and charlatanism.
    Don’t think that this is a personal vendetta.
    Let me quote you a view from another media “The Iran Steering group concluded that much of the anti-American perspective that is broadcast is the result of decisions made by station managers in Washington D.C. and Prague. Sheila Gandji, the manager of Persian service has faced sharp criticism, particularly for her decision to stop VOA shortwave radio program in July, 2006 in order to focus on television broadcasts, which are more susceptible to censorship, since the government regularly confiscates satellites dishes in order to prevent the infiltration of foreign broadcasts.”
    The bizarre situation at the Persian Service of Voice of America caused the Republican Senator Coburn to write a long letter to President Bush about the fiasco there.
    It is only in America where the government pays to be insulted.
    Do you want more information? Write me: ijadi14@yahoo.com

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