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Senator John Ensign Calls on All Democrats to Return Contributions


Senator John Ensign, R- Nevada, calls on Democrats To return All MoveOn.Org Contributions.

“Today, ostensibly on behalf of National Democrats, Democrat front group is calling a unanimously confirmed United States General a liar and betrayer of the public trust. Apparently the prospect of campaign funds is enough of an incentive for Senate Democrats to stand idly by while a respected General is maligned before he has even presented his report to Congress.

“If Senate Democrats are serious about moving our country forward, they will denounce this outrageous ad and return the campaign funds has lavished on them as well as the donations made through — the choice is theirs.”

But, Senator, is the SURROGATE for the Democrat Party which is too weak to go on the record. The Democrats hide behind the skirts of MoveOn so they can elect Democrat Representatives in conservative red state districts.

Disingenuous and pathetic.

The Democrats should publicly denounce this ad and return the money.


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