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Giuliani Poll Watch: Rudy Contends in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina

Giuliani 2008

Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani visits with Anna Zocher of Bellevue, Wash., at a cafe in Kirkland, Wash., during a campaign stop Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007.

Three polls by American Research Group – ARG – have Rudy Giuliani trailing slightly but within the margin of error for the top spot in three early GOP primary states.

In other words, Mitt Romney who had a lock on Iowa and New Hampshire for most of the summer is now starting to fade in those two states. His poll numbers in South Carolina appear to be outlier results.

If these poll numbers are to believed, Rudy is positioned well.

Fred Thompson lags with some gain for John McCain.



The individual state polling:


New Hampshire

South Carolina

Stay tuned………


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  • Flap

    Actually, I have seen the Mayor fact to face on two other occasions – at the February 2007 California GOP convention and at an anti-gang event in Monterey Park.

    Each time I judged his “character” as the same – tough, calculating and fair.

    I have only seen one other politician with better speaking grace and that was Ronald Reagan.

    Flap’s impression: Rudy will be a fine President.

    Yes, I want to see him elected.

    I recommend all voters to be on the look out for Rudy’s public events and check him out for themselves. They will be impressed.