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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Mr. September Blackballed By Christian Right? The Reaction Part Two


Terry Perkins of the Family Research Council, Rev. Herbert Lusk and Dr. James Dobson

After reading this interview of Tony Perkins by CBN’s David Brody I am inclined to believe cynically that the Evangelical Christian RIGHT wants the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency and control of Congress.

“This is about the life issue. There is absolutely no way that we will go with a candidate that is pro-abortion. It’s an issue of principle and conviction. It’s what we’ve worked for, what we’ve fought for. Do you really think they (social conservative activists) would go to work for a Giuliani led campaign? It’s an unreasonable request for the GOP to ask these people to invest their time and energy into it. Giuliani becomes a drag on the party because social conservatives won’t work for him. I think you can see a landslide with Giuliani at the head of the ticket.”

“We’re not here to advance the agenda of the Republican Party. If they’re not willing to advance the agenda of social conservatives, then we’re not with them. There has been too much willingness of social conservatives to go along.”

It is almost time to send these folks packing from the GOP. They will get NOWHERE with Rudy, Thompson, Romney or McCain in any case.

And, why do you ask, they would prefer a pro-choice liberal Democrat like Hillary Clinton in the White House?


This blog piece hits the nail on the head (h/t Soren):

A smart strategy for Christian conservatives. Mr Giuliani may now redouble his efforts to woo them. Or, if he balks, primary voters might be put out and go for a more socially conservative candidate. Either way, all the way, the fundraising dollars flow in. And there’s always the possibility that the right might actually go ahead and put up a third-party candidate who splits the Republican vote and assures a Democratic victory.

That last scenario sounds bad for all Republicans, because it would be a help to the dread Hillary Clinton. But at this point it looks like a Democrat, Hillary or otherwise, is going to win this election regardless. If Christian conservatives can argue that by withholding their support they caused the GOP to lose, they will enjoy more leverage in future, more winnable elections. It’ll be hard for moderate Republicans to take their marching orders from Tony Perkins but they have, after all, volunteered for and nurtured the relationship.

Hypocritical or principled?

Flap suggests the former rather than the latter.


Dr. James Dobson, Rudy and Dr. Richard Land

Time for the GOP to cut the cord.


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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Mr. September Blackballed By Christian Right?

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