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Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney appears at a fund raising event Friday, Sept. 28, 2007, in Salt Lake City. ‘Holy cow,’ Romney told the volunteers in a 10-minute speech during the six-hour fundraising effort. ‘We’re making a lot of money.’

A new NewsMax/Zogby survey shows the Mitt Romney lead in New Hampshire being cast aside, turning the state’s Republican nomination race into a cliffhanger featuring a clash of styles and substance.



In the Zogby poll Romney has lost 11 points since May. In the recent ARG poll Mitt has lost 3 points and McCain surged. The CNN poll shows only a 1 point Romney lead (within the margin of error).

New Hampshire is a horse race.

Just a few weeks ago the Romney folks were bragging that Romney was going to ride the momentum from wins in Iowa and New Hampshire to South Carolina and Florida.

Well, Mitt’s poll lead has collapsed in New Hampshire. So, back to the drawing board.

Let’s look at the Real Clear Politics graph and chart:



But, why has Romney collapsed and what portends for the future?

But it is possible that something more fundamental is at play here. New Hampshire is the state of “live free or die,” where religious conservatives do not dominate the G.O.P. electorate and libertarianism has a long tradition. So while Mr. Romney was affecting his socially conservative, anti-gay-marriage rebirth with an eye toward Iowa, Republicans in New Hampshire have watched approvingly as Mr. Giuliani (and John McCain, for that matter) pounded the lectern about taxes and security.

What’s more, New Hampshire is a state heavily influenced by the Massachusetts media market, and which is overrun by transplants from Massachusetts. While Iowa has only ever known the religious conservative Mitt Romney, the residents of New Hampshire will be keenly aware of the stark changes Mr. Romney has undergone in order to accommodate his new political goals.

A dilemma for Governor Romney, wouldn’t you say?

Play the moderate to win New Hampshire or lose your NEW “BRAND” as a social conservative and lose South Carolina, Florida and other southern states.

Can’t have it both ways.

Stay tuned…….


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