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Rudy Giuliani today had some comments on the Sean Hannity radio show about Rush Limbaugh and the bogus, phony attack by Dingy Harry Reid and other Senate Democrats:

SEAN HANNITY: Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is with [us]. Mr. Mayor, where are you?

MAYOR GIULIANI: Hi Sean. We are DuPage County right outside of Chicago at DuPage College; we just did a town hall meeting here. It was great.

HANNITY: And you had a good time I’m sure.

MAYOR GIULIANI: We did. We had a terrific time we had a lot of good questions, interestingly a lot of it about HillaryCare and a lot of it about the Hillary baby bond.

HANNITY: The 5,000 dollar baby bond, I’m sure Bill Gates son and daughter really needs that money.

MAYOR GIULIANI: 22 billion, remember she just cost us another 22 billion.

HANNITY: Listen I want to get into a lot of issues here with you. First of all have you—I know that over the years that you have been a big fan of radio. For all the years you were mayor on our flagship in New York, WABC you did your own radio show for the entire time that you were mayor and I know that you’ve been a fan or Rush’s and I know that you’ve know for 20 years he’s…

MAYOR GIULIANI: And Rush is a friend, so I’ll tell you that right off the top, he’s a personal friend. I’ve know Rush for a long time and I think it’s totally absurd that Harry Reid goes on the floor of the senate to criticize Rush Limbaugh. He has nothing better to do?


MAYOR GIULIANI: Than to go on the floor of the senate to attack a—I mean it gives you a sense of how powerful Rush has become. The majority leader of the senate is taking his time, tax payer time, to criticize a radio commentator, which is terrific for Rush but I mean it gives you kind of a sense of their priorities.

HANNITY: Not only that, he’s got a twenty year track record of being one of the most passionate, ardent supports of the military.

MAYOR GIULIANI: Yeah I know and this is Harry Reid who declared we lost in Iraq, what was it three months ago?

HANNITY: More than that, yeah.

MAYOR GIULIANI: Three or four months ago we lost, I mean I guess he hasn’t checked the recent facts in Iraq but gosh we don’t want to get facts in the way of his political propaganda.


Political propaganda is correct. As the furor dies down about this FLAP one has to wonder about how afraid the Democrats are of Rush and Talk Radio.

Will Dingy Harry try again?

Stay tuned……..


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